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Is the horse sales process overwhelming?

Whether you are buying or selling a horse, it can be a frustrating, expensive and emotional journey.

After all of the emails, phone calls, farm visits, test rides and price haggling, you find the right horse to buy, or the right home for a horse you are selling.


You are filled with hope!

Now, the only thing standing in the way of the sale is the Pre-Purchase Exam . . .

The Amateur Equestrian’s Guide to Pre-Purchase Exams


When it comes to the Pre-Purchase Exam, do you feel ...

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Clueless about the whole process?

Nervous about putting your horse through one?

Afraid you won't know how to interpret the exam results?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, this online workshop is for you! 

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What's a PPE?

Pre-purchase exams (PPEs, also called “vettings”) are performed on most horses that are bought or sold, regardless of the horse’s price or discipline. 


Buying any horse is an enormous investment of time, money and emotional energy.


Performing a PPE is the most impactful action buyers can take to mitigate the inherent risks in purchasing a horse.

PPEs can be complicated procedures. 


Ideally, they provide clear feedback about a horse’s soundness. Instead, they often create more confusion than clarity, especially if you are new to the process of buying or selling horses.


Plus, veterinarians all do them differently.

If the PPE yields mixed results or murky information, buyers may be overwhelmed with decisions like...

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Should I buy the horse anyway?

Do I need more radiographs?

Is it best to negotiate the price, or just walk away?

The PPE is nerve-wracking for horse sellers, too. As a seller, you may ask yourself ...

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How do I get my horse ready for a PPE?

What should I expect when the vet comes to the farm?

Is it appropriate to intervene during the exam?

How will I answer questions that come up during the PPE?

What if the buyer wants to change the deal after?

Whether you are a buyer or seller, you want to feel confident that you got all the necessary information from the PPE, and made the right decisions during the process.


This is exactly why this course exists!

PPEs don’t have to be scary, expensive nightmares.


If you know how to prepare for the vetting, what questions to ask, and how to understand the results, PPEs can be positive experiences that give you confidence about the sale. 

I'm Alice, the Horse + Rider Matchmaker

I use my 30 years of experience in the equine industry to match amateur horse buyers + sellers through my sales business, Shenandoah Sporthorses, and my consulting services, Alice Bruno: Horse + Rider Matchmaker.


My diverse equestrian background includes a childhood spent in Los Angeles-area Pony Clubs, several years experience in international dressage barns in San Diego, a stint of endurance riding during college in the Midwest and twelve seasons of foxhunting across the USA.


I financed my horsey habit and paid my bills by buying and selling horses, so I have been both a horse buyer and seller at various price points, in several disciplines and many regions of the country. 

Seeing every side of the PPE process gives me incredible insight into this harrowing chapter of horse sales, and I am thrilled to share my knowledge and advice in this three-module, self-paced course!



You'll get immediate access to THREE modules: 






PPE 101



PPE 101


The Amateur Equestrian’s Guide to Pre-Purchase Exams


You'll get a full understanding of the PPE process for both buyers and sellers.


In this module, you will learn: 

  • Why pre-purchase exams are important

  • Who chooses the veterinarian

  • What to expect during the exam

  • The basic components of a PPE

  • Who “owns” the vetting and has the rights to any radiographs, ultrasound images, etc., taken during the exam

  • What to do after the PPE

The Amateur Equestrian’s Guide to Pre-Purchase Exams


If you're only in the market to buy, complete this module for a better understanding of a seller’s perspective, or come back to this section when you're a seller.


In this module, you will learn: 

  • How to prepare your horse for the PPE (effectively + ethically)

  • How to prepare yourself for the PPE (great tips for any stressful situations!)

  • How to advocate for your horse during the exam: which are fair requests from the buyer or veterinarian, and which are not

  • How to “speak vet” and know what questions to ask as a seller

  • How to handle criticism and negative feedback about your horse (or you!) 

  • Dealing with price re-negotiation based on the vet’s findings

  • What to do when the buyer passes on your horse because of a “bad vetting:”

    • Decide what (if any) extra vet work to do for your horse 

    • Whether or not to get a second vet’s opinion

    • How to address the PPE findings in your sales ad and/or to subsequent buyers


The Amateur Equestrian’s Guide to Pre-Purchase Exams


You'll learn how to peacefully, productively navigate the pre-purchase exam as a horse buyer.


In this module, you will: 

  • Decide (ahead of time!) how much money to invest in a PPE

  • Establish reasonable expectations: what do you REALLY want to learn from the vetting?

  • Determine your “deal-breakers”

  • Learn how to “speak vet” and know which questions to ask as a buyer

  • Choose additional diagnostic measures (and knowing which are money-wasters)

  • Understand neurological exams: how vets test for Lymes and EPM and what those results mean (hint: it’s not as straightforward as you think.)

  • Communicate with the veterinarian and the seller in a collaborative, professional way that gets your needs met

  • Learn how to trust your intuition to make decisions about the PPE and, ultimately, your new-horse purchase

Here's what's included
in this online workshop:

3 Module Self-Paced Downloadable Workbook

$97 Value

Deal Breakers Worksheet
(Know Before You Go!)

$47 Value

Comprehensive Checklists
(For Buyers AND Sellers!)

$97 Value

Who is the PPE Workshop for?

This course is the ONLY online training that educates amateur horse buyers and sellers about the pre-purchase exam.


I will show you the practical steps to take to maximize (and even enjoy!) the PPE process. Plus, I will guide you through the energetic and emotional aspects of this potentially unpleasant event. 

You deserve to feel confident throughout the entire
Pre-Purchase Exam process!

Emotions run high during horse sales and PPEs; people take things personally, and relationships and interactions can turn sour.


But they don’t have to! Throughout the course, you'll get tips about:

How your mindset determines your horse sales or purchasing success

How to work WITH the other parties involved in the sale and vetting, not “against” them (remember, you all want the same thing--what is best for the horse)

How to protect your energy to stay positive and joyful through the PPE process. After all, horses are supposed to be fun!

When to be a “leader” during the sale, and when to be a “learner”

How to manage feelings of disappointment, anger or resentment after a sale goes bad

How to RELAX and truly believe that the sale process + PPE will result in the greatest good for everyone involved—especially for the horse


The Amateur Equestrian’s Guide to Pre-Purchase Exams


When you join me for this fun, encouraging and supportive workshop, you'll be saved from ... 

  • Thousands of dollars in unnecessary vet bills

  • Months of annoying delays in finding or selling your horse

  • The heartbreak that bad horse sales and PPEs cause

Are you ready to feel confident and prepared so you can say goodbye to the overwhelm of the horse buying and selling process?

Register for 
The Amateur Equestrians Guide to Pre-Purchase Exams


Yay YOU for taking action to maximize the PPE process, for your own sake and for the sake of the horses involved. 

Get ready to not just survive, but to thrive throughout the PPE process. 

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